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Tucker Taekwondo Center boasts a staff of highly competent and friendly fitness professionals.

Pornpimol Kodsup

Managing Director


Miss Aye (pronounced ‘eye’) is a Managing Director for The Tucker Taekwondo Center. She is a graduate of TTC’s Black Belt Program mastering Taeguek, Palgwe, and Pa Sai form systems. Miss Aye is also a Kukkiwon Certified 4th Degree Black Belt and USA Taekwondo Certified 3rd Degree Black Belt. Miss Aye manages The Tucker Taekwondo Center at The Tucker Recreation Center Location. She is an experienced couching instructor whose team consists of 18 competitors, won 35 gold medals and 12 silver medals in Fall of 2016. Her competition team travels in and outside Georgia tournamnets.


Currently pursuing her forth degree black belt, she has been awarded the title of Kyosanim by Master Wallace Taylor. Miss Aye has a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries Science with a major in Fishery Biology. She has also attained a Master of Science in Fisheries Science with a major in Aquatic Ecology and Environmental Assessment from Kasetsart University: known to be one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Thailand.  Both academic degrees were completed with honors. Miss Aye is also interested in Public Health. She combines her Public Health knowledge with Martial Arts and provide to her students and community to develope a community health and wellness.  


Honorary Grand Master Min Suk Song

9th Dan – Taekwondo

9th Dan – Hapikdo

4th Dan – Judo


            Grand Master Min Suk Song is a native of South Korea, born in 1943. He began his Taekwondo education at the age of 4 and received his first black belt in 1951, at age 8. Grandmaster Song is a decendent of the Chung Do Kwan discipline and has promoted Grandmaster Wallace Taylor in this tradition. His background in higher education includes a Masters of Political Science and a Law Degree in conjunction with a degree in administration and Korean Ministry.  


In 1979, as he set forth his political career in with a position of Senator as his goal, Marshall Law was instituted in Korea. The escalating political upheaval and public outrage resulted in Grand Master leaving Korea for the United States. Once established, he began a pointed effort to open and launch Taekwondo schools all over the US. At his peak, Grand Master Song presided over 23 schools in 7 states.

With over 66 years of experience in martial arts and a student body  ranging from 7 to 8 thousand students, Grand Master has come to be a respected and astonishing member of the Taekwondo community at a global scale and an remarkable addition to the Tucker Taekwondo Center family.

C.J. Buot



Mr. Buot has studied Taekwondo from the age of 6. After a long break, he
joined Tucker Taekwondo Center to pursue his second degree black belt. After receiving his rank, Mr. Buot started instructing as part of his personal mission to teach
the principles of the martial art in a fun and energetic way.

CJ has two sons in the Tucker Taekwondo Center program (Hunter and H) who
have proven themselves to be exceptional students and competitors. Mr. Buot
teaches in the adult program and is actively involved with belt testing.

Mr. Buot in a native of The Philippines. C.J. has a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Virginia and an MBA from Emory University.  He currently works in technology management.


Sheila Elwin
Instructor & Homeschool Program Coordinator

Ms. Elwin is an instructor for Tucker Taekwondo Center, working with all age groups. In addition, she began the TTC Homeschool Program in 2011, coordinating/teaching it from its original three students to a program that has enjoyed considreable growth throughout the past 2 years. As a homeschooling parent of one son (also a black belt), she tailors the program to fit the needs of the eclectic homeschool community, and includes youth, parents, and even grandparents in the class.Her teaching style is hands-on and lively, and she strives to help her students find clarity, strength, and beauty in their moves.


Ms. Elwin came late to taekwondo, beginning the art in her 40s. Recognized as Kyosanim by Master Wallace Taylor, she is currently pursuing her third degree black belt. Additionally, she uses her bachelor’s degree in journalism as a freelance editor and writer.

Denise Chiavetta



Ms. Chiavetta began her study of Taekwondo in 2010, earning her black belt in 2012. She enjoys teaching in the adult program as she believes all ages benefit from study of the martial arts, and certainly no one is ever too old to begin! Her notable patience and grace bring an enormously enviting atmoshpere to the Taekwondo arena and to all those which enjoy her instruction.


Denise has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Clarkson University and an MS in Studies of the Future from the University of Houston. She currently works as a consultant in the area of technology management and technology foresight.


Ruby Elizabeth Taylor., MS, MBA, CDE, FNP

Health Consultant


Ruby Taylor is a native of British Guyana and serves as the Diabetes/Health Educator at the Tucker Taekwondo Center.  She is a Registered Nurse with a notable career at Mercy Clinic in Atlanta.   She offers monthly seminars as well as individual health consultations. Mrs. Taylor has a Master's of Science in Nursing from Georgia State University and A Master of Business Administration from Troy State University. She is a retired Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Diabetes Educator.


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